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How to save money

Ticket prices include airport charges (including fuel charges) for destination and transit airports. These fees may change over the year and vary according to the number of transfers as well as the destination. They can range from €20 to €500.

Ticket prices are not constant throughout the year, but depend on the date of departure (high and low season for specific destinations). They are more expensive in the summer, before and during Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter, etc. These periods are called high season.

The price announced to the customer without reservation is only indicative. The exact price depends on the specific reservation where you specify the dates of departure and arrival.

Flights are cheaper if there is a flight back and forth in the same way and by the same airline.

The return ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket. The one-way ticket is usually equal to at least 75% of the two-way ticket.

The ticket price increases proportionally with the length of the stay. Thus, the monthly ticket is cheaper than the three-month and the three-month ticket is again cheaper than the annual ticket. If changes to the return date date are allowed, they can only be changed within the scope of the purchased ticket.

The ticket price affects in particular reservation classes, which are:

  • first class
  • business class
  • economy class, which has sometimes up to 10 booking classes with a certain number of seats and with different prices.

If the cheapest class is full and you have to fly a given flight, you are flying in the higher class, which is more expensive.

A higher price class permits, for example, longer maximum stay, change of return flight, etc. If you are not time bound and want to save, just move the travel to the date when the flight is free in the lowest booking class. Another option is so-called. “Waiting List” (WAITLIST), that means you are in a position if another passenger cancels the reservation.

Ticket prices are the cheapest in the economy class that is mostly bound by minimum stays – usually weekends; i.e., night from Saturday to Sunday.

Different restrictions apply for the cheapest airfare, the necessity to maintain the flights according to the reservation, the non-return of the return flight.

Most airlines do not allow to change a name in the reservation because it is controlled by the central system. Exceptions are the most expensive booking classes, first and business class. However, it always depends on the authorization of the airline.

Discounts for children: Children up to 2 years (infants) have a discount of 90% of the full price without the right to seat and the airport charges are limited. Children between 2 and 12 years old have a discount of 25% to 50% (conditions depend on individual airlines) from the adult ticket price. They are entitled to a seat and airport charges are limited.

If you want to travel as a group (10 or more), we can offer you a special group price on request (other conditions for exposure, change and refund, as opposed to individual tickets).