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Mark each piece of your baggage with an address label. Lock your baggage.

Valuables, personal papers, precious metal jewelery and articles, cameras, video cameras and fragile items can be transported in limited amount in cabin baggage. The carrier does not take any responsibility for their loss.

The size and the weight of the baggage that the carrier accepts free of charge is given by the ticket and destination where you have purchased your ticket. In general, passengers, including children for which at least 50% of the fare has been paid, are entitled to the free carriage of all baggage weighing up to a maximum of:

40kg in the first class
30kg in the business class
20kg in the economy class

Only 1 piece of cabin baggage is allowed with maximum dimensions 55x40x20cm and weight 5-8kg. These limits need to be verified with at airlines.

Items that are not weighted: a small handbag, overcoat, scarf or blanket, umbrella, camera, in-flight reading, baby food for the duration of the flight, baby basket, foldable wheelchair for the disabled.

The transport of diplomatic baggage is authorized by the diplomatic courier in the passenger cabin.

Things excluded from air transport: baggage and things that could endanger the safety of flight, persons or property, and baggage and things that could be damaged in air transport or their packaging is unsatisfactory. Items forbidden to transport: compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, hubs, fireworks necessities, and objects that are easily burnt, flammable liquids and solids, oxidants, radioactive material, poisons, etc.

In the presence of a passenger, the carrier may be convinced of the contents of their baggage. If the passenger is not present, the carrier is entitled to open the baggage in the presence of at least one witness who is not a carrier. If this baggage is considered to be dangerous because it contains articles excluded from the carriage or if a shipment requires a special regime, it is entitled to refuse the baggage for carriage.

A luggage weighing more than permitted will be transported according to the capacities of the carrier and will be charged at a rate of 1kg according to the carrier’s tariff and usually 1% of the one-way ticket for the first class.

Passengers are required to pick up their baggage after arrival with the baggage ticket and the ticket stub that have been issued for the baggage. The Carrier is not required to determine whether the baggage holder and the rider are entitled to take charge of the baggage and is not responsible for any loss, damage or other expense incurred by the passenger in this respect. Damage, failure or loss of baggage must be reported immediately upon receipt of the baggage by the carrier who is obliged to write the entry. Otherwise, it is assumed that the baggage has been issued in good order.

For safety reasons, the following devices are strictly forbidden on board the aircraft: cordless phones, portable radios, radios and other wireless connectors.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited on board the aircraft. Disobedience can be fined. Smoking can only be allowed in the designated area. Breach of the ban may also be fined.